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Google strives to make it easy to quickly find whatever you're seeking, whether it's a web page, a recent news story, a photograph, advice, or a present for a friend. Google Guide's Cheat Sheet (, Google Guide's Advanced Operator Quick Reference (, Google Guide's Calculator Cheatsheet (, and Sacramento State's Google QuikRef (available from or on the Google Guide site), provide nice summaries of some of Google's features and services.

The following table lists the major search services Google offers along with the URLs.

Search Service Description Website
Web Search the web. This service includes shortcuts for finding commonly sought utilities and information, such as dictionary definitions, definitions on the web, news headlines, phone numbers, addresses, street maps, stock quotes, travel conditions, package tracking information, calculations of mathematical expressions, and translations of any text or web page.
Images Find images, graphics, photos, drawings, maps, etc.
Groups Search, browse, and participate in online discussions. This service is wonderful for finding advice, opinions, and recommendations that haven't necessarily been edited.
News Search and browse online news sources.
Froogle Find and browse products for sale from across the web.
Catalogs Find and browse mail-order catalogs online.
Directory Browse web pages by category.
Answers For as little as US$2.50, obtain assistance from researchers with expertise in online searching.
Google Labs Try Google prototypes and demos.

When you forget where to find one of Google's search tools or services, just look it up on Google. For example, if you don't remember the name or web address of Google product shopping search service, search for [ Google product shopping ].

Query Input

Now that you've seen the versatility of the Google search engine, you'll understand why many users rarely use bookmarks and either use the Google Deskbar, the Google Toolbar, or leave their browsers pointing to Google; they can find practically any site using Google's many search services and features.

I sincerely hope that Google Guide has helped you become (more) proficient in using Google. I have tried to anticipate your questions and problems. Please let me know if I have missed something or if you have corrections or suggestions for improving Google Guide, by emailing feedback(at) (replace "- at -" by "@"). I welcome all comments. I look forward to hearing from you.


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