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Travel Conditions

Google provides a shortcut for learning about delays and weather conditions at a US airport. Just enter the airport's three-letter code followed by the word "airport" into Google's search box.

Note: This feature may not work if you search from any of Google's non-US sites, e.g.,,, nor from a foreign-language site, e.g., Swahili or Latvian.

For example, find conditions at Honolulu International Airport. If you don't know the airport code, look it up on Google. If your city has more than one major airport, include the airport name as well as the city in your query.

Google search box with [ Honolulu airport code ].  

You don't need to click on the first result to see that the airport code for one of Honolulu's airports is HNL, because you can find that code in the first line of the snippet.

Screen shot of showing how to look up an airport code

It's best not to trust this information, though, unless you know it's the answer you need. For instance, the first result for New York City may be JFK, but there are several New York airports. To check more closely — or if you find the snippet difficult to read — just click on the title of one of the snippets. Let's view the Honolulu Airport entry from

Screen shot of Honolulu airport information

Now let's request travel conditions at Honolulu International Airport.

Google search box with [ hnl airport ].  

Screen shot of showing how to look up an airport code

Click on the "View conditions" link to see the FAA's airport status information.

Screen shot of airport status information


These problems give you practice in finding travel conditions. For hints and answers to selected problems, see the Solutions page in the Appendix.

  1. Find the travel conditions for Los Angeles International Airport.

  2. Find the travel conditions for Kennedy Airport in New York City.

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