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Printing Cheat Sheets, References, & Google Guide

Quick References and Cheat Sheets

The following quick references or cheat sheets provide nice summaries of some of Google's features and services.

• General Summary (pdf 2 pages)
• Calculator (pdf 2 pages)
• Sact State's QuikRef (pdf 1 page)

• General Summary (includes Advanced Operators)
• Calculator (html)
• Google Coffee-Related Cheat Sheet Mug


Google Guide

Click on the following links to view and print the entire Google Guide or just a section of it.

• Google Guide (pdf 150 pages)
• Favorite Features (pdf)
• Power Googling (pdf)
• I: Query Input (pdf)
• II: Understanding Results (pdf)
• III: Special Tools (pdf)
• IV: Website Development (pdf)
• Quiz (pdf 4 pages)
• Quiz Answers (pdf 4 pages)

• Google Guide (html)
• Favorite Features (html)
• Power_ Googling (html)
• I: Query Input (html)
• II: Understanding Results (html)
• III: Special Tools (html)
• IV: Website Development (html)
• IV: Website Development Talk (html)
• Quiz (html)
• Quiz Answers (html)


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