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Generating Revenue using AdSense

You can make money from Google AdSense by hosting


Display ads that it deems relevant to the content of the page.

Link Units

Display a list of topics that Google deems relevant to the content of the page.

A page of related ads is displayed when a user clicks on a topic.

Screen shot of Google link units and how they work.


Provide web search and earn revenue from Google.

Google  s\
earch box.

WebSearch + SiteSearch

Generate revenue by providing a query box for searching the web and the specific site(s) of your choice.



Generate income by referring your users to Google products and search services.

At first I was reluctant to run ads on Google Guide. I didn't want to create any distractions that would lure visitors away from my site. But visitors leave even if I don't run ads. So I ran ads at the bottom of a page because I thought they would distract only viewers who weren't interested in my site. Few users clicked on the ads. Later I moved the ads to the top of a page. The response rate more than doubled and so did revenue.

Why did Google create AdSense? Many sites wanted to advertise and Google wanted more real estate, i.e., web pages, on which it could display ads. Web sites wanted a slice of Google's revenue.

AdSense is a money-generating service for Google and it's users. Unlike user services, Google provides a wealth of resources on AdSense, just a few of which I've listed below.


This problem set will give you practice signing up and understanding Google's AdSense service. For hints and answers to selected problems, see the Solutions page in the Appendix.

  1. If you don't have an AdSense account, sign up for one by using the following Google AdSense referral link.

  2. For which services does Google offer referral fees?
  3. Put together a list of websites whose ads you'd like not to appear on your site(s).
  4. After you've been approved for AdSense, customize the appearance of ads by selecting colors and templates that fit in with your pages.
  5. After you've been approved for AdSense, create a WebSearch + SiteSearch query box for at least one page on your site.
  6. Select one or more referral ads to put on your site.

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