Google Guide: Making Searching Even Easier
game cheat   the words game and cheat
virtual pets dog OR puppy   the words virtual pets that are either dogs or puppies
"boys and girls lets all sing along"   the exact phrase boys and girls lets all sing along
+how select phone service   the words how, select, telephone & service (forces Google not to ignore how)
salsa -dance   the word salsa but NOT the word dance
e-card   the words e-card, e card, or ecard
hip-hop ~glossary   the words hip-hop and both glossary and its synonyms
girls sneakers $25..$50   girls' sneakers for between $25 and $50
laptops invented 1900..2000   the year that laptops were invented
ipod extend battery life   info on how to extend your ipod battery life from Apple's website
caffeine health site:edu   info on caffeine and health from educational sites (.edu domain)
allinurl:pez faq   the words pez (a type of candy) and faq (Frequently Asked Questions) all in the URL (web address)
allintitle:spoof movies best   the words spoof, movies, and best in the web page title

define:deipnosophist   definitions of deipnosophist from the web
define:tmesis   definitions of tmesis from the web in several languages
books "book thief"   book-related info; click Book results to search text
movie:Clueless   reviews, showtimes, & locations for the movie Clueless
Movie:35210   what movies are playing in or near Birmingham, AL, whose zip code is 35210
music:Gwen Stefani   Gwen Stefani music-related info & where you can buy the music
ice cream 02105   where you can find ice cream in Boston, MA
1 Egan Dr Juneau AK   map, directions, and local businesses near this address
roller blades   find where to buy roller blades if you click on more ▼ and Products item in the pull-down menu above the Google search box
Marco se ha marchado para no volver   a translation of some text (click on Google Language Tools link to the right of the search box on Google's home page)
dog cat hamster   other things that are similar (search by example with Google Sets)
15 % of (12+34*5/6)   numerical value of a mathematical expression
40 grams in oz   the number of ounces in 40 grams (conversion of x units into y units)
3 Euros in US$   how many US dollars are in 3 Euros

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  Please show this Google cheat sheet to your librarian and others who use Google regularly.
  By Nancy Blachman & Tasha Bergson-Michelson, who don't work for Google. March 2008
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